Deadpool Cast On If They Survived Thanos’ Avengers: Infinity War Snap


Deadpool 2 Thanos Avengers Infinity War MarvelYou can always count on Deadpool and pals to make light of an event as catastrophic as Thanos snapping half of humanity out of existence, as was the case in Avengers: Infinity War. And while Josh Brolin may have brought great mayhem to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brolin’s companions in another Marvel universe expressed their thoughts on that finger snap.

The cast of Deadpool 2 sat down with The Huffington Post and was asked if any of them survived the Thanos snap in the Avengers: Infinity War. Colossus actor Stefan Kapičić was quick to jump in to declare that Colossus “definitely survived,” prompting laughter from the cast. Though Ryan Reynolds was equally quick to respond, saying that Colossus was not only the first to die, but that he died dishonorably.

Reynolds then added that no one in the Deadpool sequel could have survived the snap in Infinity War, but Zazie Beetz was confident that she could have lived through it, given that Domino’s power is luck. Hard to argue with that.

Karan Soni felt that Dopinder could have made it through, given how Soni stated that he formed a nice connection with Josh Brolin during the filming. Since Josh Brolin himself was not present in this interview, no word on whether Cable could have survived the Thanos snap, but he is a time traveler, so perhaps he could find a way to make that work.

And with the possibility of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future, who is to say that their first appearance won’t be as ashes? We’ll find out. Do you think the Deadpool 2 cast made it through the Thanos snap? What could that mean for Team X-Force? Let us know in the comments below.

Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 are both available now on Digital HD and will be released on 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD soon.

Source: The Huffington Post

10 X-Men That Need To Appear In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

X-Men Marvel ComicsThe X-Men, along with Blade and Spider-Man, helped kick-start the superhero movie boom fans are still enjoying today. And unlike most, the X-Men are still going strong and maintaining the same continuity (with a few minor changes but maintaining actors) as the longest-running superhero franchise around. This year audiences will see a sequel to Deadpool, with X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants coming in 2019. Fox is currently working on several Marvel projects, including spin-offs for Gambit, Multiple Man and Kitty Pryde.

Yet one has to wonder: is Fox trying to rush out these films into reality or are these announcement just to make sure the studio appears to be running smoothly in the chance the Disney purchase doesn’t go through? If the purchase is made official, Marvel Studios and Disney will more than likely start a new X-Men series to incorporate the characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When the X-Men return home, Marvel has a chance to do something new and fresh with the property. Brighter, more comic accurate costumes, contrasting the mutants as a whole with the wider cinematic universe, but most importantly highlighting certain characters. The X-Men comics have a vast array of iconic and colorful heroes and villains to choose from yet the past X-Men films only focused on a handful of characters. Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Jean Grey and Beast seemed to be the focus of the filmmakers throughout the two trilogies. Now is the time to highlight other characters (ones that the original film series sidelined) to make these X-Men characters as big of names as Wolverine is to the brand.

These are the ten X-Men that need to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Click Next to get started!

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