Jude Law Reveals New Details On His Role In ‘Captain Marvel’


Captain Marvel Brie Larson Mar Vell Jude LawCaptain Marvel will introduce audiences to Jude Law as the leader of a specialized military team named Starforce. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Law shared new details on his character’s role in the film and his relationship with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel will further explore the Kree society as the advanced alien species is in the midst of a war with the notorious Skrulls and Jude Law commented on how his character is driven by the “divine leadership” of his people:

“He is driven by a belief in the divine leadership of the Kree people. So he’s almost a devout warrior — unquestioning, conservative, but inspirational.”

Carol Danvers will already be one of the Starforce recruits when the film begins and Jude Law discussed his characters special relationship with his protégé:

“These extraordinary powers she has, he sees them as something of a blessing and something that she has to learn how to control. That’s a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one’s emotions and to use your powers wisely.”

Brie Larson added that the relationship between Carol and Jude Law’s character will create tension with the rest of the Starforce team:

“There’s a lot and back and forth that comes with the two of them, which kind of creates a little bit of tension with the rest of Starforce. Like, ‘Why do they have a special relationship, and why isn’t it me?’”

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Directed by Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Lashana Lynch, Gemma Chan, Algenis Perez Soto, Rune Temte, McKenna Grace, Clark Gregg, and Jude Law.

Captain Marvel will be released in theaters on March 8, 2019.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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