Sony Developing A Jackpot Movie For Its Marvel Movie Universe


Jackpot Spider-Verse SonyVariety reports that Sony is developing a Jackpot film as part of the studios Spider-Verse plans.

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Source: Variety

5 Spider-Man Spin-Off Films That Could Expand The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Live Action Spin-Off SuccessSpider-Man is arguably one of the most popular characters to have originated from Marvel. His popularity is felt in every aspect of comics and it is no surprise that the Spider-Man films have been some of the most successful projects of all time. He is a character synonymous with superhero stories.

While Marvel has been allowed to use Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony still owns the movie rights and plans to produce a new cinematic universe, which includes the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. The Spider-Man comics are filled with a multitude of interesting and entertaining characters who have their own unique traits that could certainly be a great side to explore for their own feature films.

Here are 5 Spider-Man characters who should get their own film! Hit Next to get started!

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