‘Suicide Squad’ Star Viola Davis Has ‘Slight Obsession’ With Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot Wonder WomanWhile speaking with Variety in a recent interview, Viola Davis discussed why she loved Wonder Woman when she was 12-years old and why she still does today.

When Wonder Woman hit theaters last year, it wasn’t just a well-crafted superhero origin film, it was also a powerful film that is seen as a beacon of inspiration for some fans, older and younger. This isn’t the first time that Wonder Woman has been an inspiration on the screen before, although previously it was a smaller screen. In 1975, Wonder Woman premiered on TV starring Lynda Carter and held an iconic three-season run before concluding in 1979.

The show inspired plenty of young viewers, one of which was a young Viola Davis. If you don’t recognize by her name alone, she is known for her incredible performances in films like Doubt and Fences, as well as her role as Amanda Waller in 2016’s Suicide Squad. While speaking to Variety in a recent interview, Davis admitted her obsession with Wonder Woman.

“Okay, I have a slight obsession with Wonder Woman. She’s sort of my idol.”

Davis then went into detail about how the show affected her as a young girl and continues doing so today:

“When the TV show came out I was twelve years old and I just hadn’t seen anything like it in my life. I mean, as soon as the going got tough you saw this woman who was seemingly demure and sweet and beautiful and all of that. She could transform into this superhero and just get the job done. It wasn’t about her trading in her femininity or her intelligence, she wasn’t vindictive towards other women, she was just her.

And the lasso and the bulletproof bracelets, I mean that sort of super human power associated with being a girl…I had never seen anything like it. I’m still the 12-year old girl. I try to talk her off of the ledge every once in a while but I’m still the 12-year old girl.”

Suicide Squad was a polarizing film among fans but one of the things that many seemed to agree was that Davis was great as Waller. Suicide Squad 2 has continued to be pushed-back and other than that, there are currently no plans announced regarding the return of Davis as Amanda Waller. One thing that’s for sure is that if we see Waller meet Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman at some point in the future, the moment will now be twice as awesome.

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Source: Variety

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