Tamil Superhit Movie – Mirugam – Full Movie | Adhi | Padmapriya | Ganja Karuppu


The story is set in a village near Ramnad. The protagonist Ayyanar (Aadhi) is a care free villager who uses his muscle than his brains for any situation and behaves more or less like an animal. He is a terror to the whole village. He is a womanizer sleeps with sex workers and even rapes the housewives. There is no woman in the village that he hasn’t had an encounter with. He beats up anyone including his mother. He makes a living through his bull which he hires out for its stud services. During one of his visits to the local brothel, he has raped the queen whore Savithri, but refuses to pay for her services. Once, he is seen playing cards on the outskirts of the neighnouring village, when the wife of a player comes and scolds him. Ayyanr, smitted by the wife, wins all the bets and gets the player drunk. he takes him to his home, gives the player’s kids stolen chicken curry to eat outside, and the silently rapes the player’s wife.

One day, Ayyanar meets Alagamma (Padmapriya) a tomboyish girl. Her beauty strikes him and he manages to marry her, but treats her like another one of his conquests. In the first night itself he brutally rapes her and continues with his sexual exploits. She hates him for what he is. But she soon changes her mind after knowing his past of him being a son of a prostitute. He later killed the manager of the ring and escaped to ramnad where he was adopted. she warms up to him and decides to change him and bring him on to the right path by her love and affection.

Fate takes a turn-Ayyanar is hauled in by the cops after a drunken fight and he is sentenced to a year in jail. In jail he gets addicted to drugs, using the same syringe and needles with co-prisoners and finds no problem in sexual activity with co-prisoners of same sex. After coming out of the jail he starts of his own way. He wants to kill his pregnant wife whom he believes that she had an illegal relationship with her uncle. Soon he is hit by some virus according to doctors and later it becomes as he is affected with AIDS (HIV-Positive). The villagers ignore him but his loyal and devoted wife stands with him till the end. A villager kills him. Film ends with the death of Ayyanar.

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