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Tracker Full English Movie | Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison Full Description

Arjan van Diemen is a renowned Afrikaner commando leader of the Second Boer War, and a master tracker. After the end of the war, after the defeat by the British, he emigrates from South Africa to Auckland in the British colony of New Zealand, but is recognised by Sergeant-Major Saunders, a British soldier who also fought in the Second Boer War, and is arrested upon entry. However Major Carlysle, also a British Boer War veteran, and now the officer in charge of the British garrison in Auckland, respects van Diemen as a former opponent and releases him.

Meanwhile, Kereama, a Maori harpooner on a whaling ship, sleeps with a prostitute in an army stable. A drunk Sergeant-Major Saunders arrives with two of his comrades expresses his anger at the Maori coupling with “pure British women”. He and his comrades then beat and taunt Kereama, who fights back; in the confusion Saunders accidentally kills one of his own men. Saunders evades responsibility by blaming Kereama. Kereama knows that he will not have a fair trial and runs. After Saunders convinces a sceptical Major Carlysle of Kereama’s guilt, Carlysle with Bryce, a civilian tracker, and a posse of soldiers pursues Kereama. Carlysle knows that van Diemen is a master tracker and offers him a substantial reward to help them. Eventually van Diemen surprises and captures Kereama.

Kereama persistently protests his innocence of the murder of the soldier as van Diemen takes him back, and says he will not have a fair trial. However, notwithstanding their common traumas at the hands of the British, van Diemen refuses to release Kereama and they make their way back across the New Zealand landscape heading for the British garrison and the prisoner’s certain execution.

Directed by Ian Sharp
Written by Nicholas Van Pallandt
Starring – Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison
Distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment
Release date – 12 September 2010 (TIFF)


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